Contest Announcement

Contest entries for our photography contest will be accepted until March 10th, 2014 and a winner for the 1st contest will be announced on March 15th, 2014.  There will be a total of three (3) first place prizes awarded for the following categories:

1.  Los Angeles

2.  San Diego

3.  Wildcard City

You still have a little over a week to submit your photo and enter for your chance to you. For full details visit, or recap the original post here!

The photo below is a selection of five wildcard entries we have received…

Good luck!


Rancho Penasquitos Skate Park Improvements

According to the City of San Diego’s public works contract, our favorite skate park in San Diego is seeing some welcomed upgrades.  Rancho Penasquitos Skate Park over on 10111 Carmel Mountain Rd. (at Freeport Rd) San Diego, CA 92129.  The project is described as including, “design and construction of new poured-in-place or pre-cast concrete skate elements, shade structures and accessibility upgrades”.  All in all, the contract provides $285,000.00 in city funds to take greater advantage of the available space that was once filled with wooden ramps.

Aric Sanders was a big part of the redesign process and if you want to read the whole proposal along with those involved, you can do so right here.

Even though I haven’t had much time to skate recently, I headed out to the park and took some photos. Pretty cool to see the process of building these guys.  Not sure yet if the old pay to enter system is coming back, but the park looks well worth the price of admission if it does return!

New Features at Rancho Penasquitos Skate Park:

  • Plaza Area: in back corner four-stair (wide) with square handrail. Two manny pads, one box in the back left, one flat-down ledge, one curved ledge with banks approaching it in the very center.
  • The Middle area: 1.5ft box with a flat bar on one end and mini ledge/rail on the other side; a small kicker is being added as well.
  • The Rebar:  in the pictures shows where a tabletop with a quarter pipe dropping into the area with the box & rails/plaza is going; it will definitely help make use of the quarter pipe that connects perpendicular to the spine > hitting the tabletop > dipping into the new quarter pipe on the other side > then having enough speed to hit the box/rail setup and cruise into the plaza.
  • Rancho Penasquitos Skate Park Improvement overview quarter squarerail tabletop If you want photos and videos of the park, may we suggest following @pqskatepark on Instagram.

Search Party: Palm Desert


Typically I like to head West. Its towards the ocean and my favorite beaches. But having just completed a heavy semester of classes, I needed to switch it up and get my brain retuned for 2014.

benchIn terms of finding solace and peace, the desert is your answer. Vast expanses of featureless land do wonders to clear a mind. After spinning a globe around as fast as I could (with my eyes closed), I stopped it with my finger, right on Rancho Mirage, a small resort town in the Coachella Valley/Palm Springs area.

I should mention this is also where the world famous Betty Ford Center is located.  Fortunately our arrangements were at a different location.

I shot up the 15 interstate and then headed East on the 10. I wasn’t on the 10 for long when I spotted something on the horizon. Not a hippo, but dinosaurs. The extinct kind, life size, or what I would have imagined life-size!  I pulled over and started exploring. The sun had set so I prepared my tripod for a picture of these beasts, frozen in time. Unfortunately after I had taken my pictures, I turned my back for a second and one of the dinosaurs ate my camera. My Olympus D370 had a good life, but it was time to upgrade from 1.3 megapixels.


After the unfortunate incident, I continued eastward further into the desert and straight into the path of thousands of……windmills.  A little history on these, It turns out every single one can produce up to 300 kilowatts in a day – enough to power your house for 3 months. If you’ve seen these things being transported on flatbeds, than you have an idea of just how big one blade can be!

Deeper into the dark desert I continued before finally reaching my accommodations at Agua Caliente. I won’t go too much into the relaxation part as I’m aware school and such has started for myself as well as most anybody reading this!


Thanks for the recharge dry, waterless, windy desert, I’ll see you again soon!

A Walk Around the Lake

Per the usual, I am really late on posting these photos. I went on a nice, long (23 miles) walk around Diamond Valley Lake in Hemet.

Diamond Valley Lake is a relative new, man-made reservoir that also serves as a boating venue for the Inland Empire and surrounding areas. While gas powered boats are free to motor around in the lake, people are forbidden from swimming in the lake (something about drinking water).

The entire walk around the lake is a little over 20 miles. And just a heads up, the park CLOSES at 4:30 PM on Sunday, so don’t put yourself in a bad spot if you plan on hiking the whole circumfrance of the lake.

We thought we might see Herbert in the water, but nothing. Enjoy the photos below:

dadwalking lakeshitter lakestairs poled thronbushDSCF5224

Roofies in Los Angeles

Friday night:

I had taken in a healthy portion of some Korean BBQ at O Dae San with Meowchelle (side note: that place is getting very greasy) in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles.


After dinner, we had planned to go to The Virgil in Silver Lake (Yelp lists it as East Hollywood, take a look) but ended up driving around downtown, for no real reason other than to take in the lights of Los Angeles.


As we walked around, I stopped and looked into some of the older buildings. Somehow we ended up on a rooftop.



As bad preparation would have it, I had forgotten a memory card for my Fuji X-20 and thereby was limited to about a dozen shots that could be stored on the internal memory.  In terms of vantage points, rooftops are excellent for searching the vast, dense and expansive landscape of an urban environment. Unfortunately, Herbert was not spotted on this adventure.





We are having a contest. First things first, the prize…

We will be giving away a total of (3) Where’s My Hippo crewneck sweatshirts, seen here.  And a bunch of custom stickers with your art on them (keep reading)…
Click for large version
How to Play?

All you need to do is take a picture of your city and send it in to us!  We will collect all of the submissions, post them all in a blog post, and have our team of visual experts choose the best three!  Once we have picked the best three, we will print these shots and turn them into custom vinyl stickers! All winners will receive a handful of their stickers.

The categories for prizes are as follows:

1.  A photo of Los Angeles
2.  A photo of San Diego
3.  A wildcard city (any city, big or small)

Once you have taken your picture, all you need to do is upload it somewhere (we suggest,,

You then will copy and paste this link onto the form at the bottom of and push submit! Once we receive your photo we will send you a short confirmation email.

We have no rules, other than the photo must be one that you took at some point.

Deadline? Photos will be received on a rolling basis until March 1st we will then make an announcement letting everyone know they have 5 more days to submit their photos!

Also, if you want to put your Instagram screenname on your photo, or maybe your website, be our guest and include it. Finally, it would be a wise way to promote your own creativity!

To read more, or to submit a photo, please visit   Oh and thanks for playing, everyone is excited to see what you submit!

Survival Pack & Sticker Release

As promised, we have updated the Where’s My Hippo store with 8 new items. In addition to the Survival Pack which we had previewed through our Instagram this past week, individual sticker purchases are now available. The Survival Pack, Stickers and new 3″ Waldo Pin, all ship for Free (all 50 states).

Here is a quick look at the Survival Pack which comes with stickers, a limited edition (10 made per print) thin print folded poster, pin, and a 4 x 6 photograph. All this is put together in a bag (for waterproofing on your sea adventures) which is then tucked into our custom printed, recycled kraft envelopes.

survival pack, wheresmyhippo, herbert sticker, herbert the hippo, hippo stickers


As you can see, we have a lot of new stickers, some are brand new designs, while others are remixes of previous shirts. We have received a lot of request for particular stickers, and now you can order individual stickers from the store.  Here is one of the new designs we printed:



If you are just looking for Hippo Heads, which are our original sticker and what launched this search campaign, you can find those for sale right here.

Zuma Beach, Malibu, CA

From the San Fernando Valley (101 freeway) you can cut through the canyons, ideally Kanan and hop on the Pacific Coast Highway for a couple of miles to get to Zuma Beach. Street parking fills up fast in the summer, long beach, you can walk to Point Dume (a popular seaside rock climbing spot) and back.

If your in Los Angeles or the surrounding area, its a good day trip.



food hebrerb




The holidays for us is filled with flights back to the East Coast where we visit with family and celebrate the holidays remotely from our headquarters in Southern California. It’s pretty standard, flights, airports, food, hellos & goodbyes; you probably have experienced the same.


This year was no different, other than that we happened to stumble into our uncle’s garage where he was restoring about 8 different pinball machines. Gottlieb, Atari and other machines stood in the garage. We checked our pockets quickly for quarters, before being informed that these machines didn’t need quarters. No quarters?! Game on.


We played Striker, Lights Camera Action, Maverick and Star Wars, relentlessly for hours.


The pinball era may have ended with the onset of the video game era. But these machines are now collectables, as they are becoming rarer and rarer every year. For example, only a certain number of Striker machines ever even made it to the United States, most were sold in Europe where soccer was a more popular sport.  Some are rarer than others, making some worth more than others.


Our Uncle and Cousin work together to restore these machines and in some cases they sell them, or trade them for another machine. Watching our cousin learn about the machines (which are well older than he is) made us remember the things that our parents had a passion for, that we eventually inherited too.

We hope you guys all had a nice Christmas and if you didn’t, try and have a safe and fun New Years Eve! We have some exciting contests, new products and other things waiting for you in 2014.


pinball, retro, classic,




Herbert Sighting: Nepal

From our last place of reporting in Richmond, VA, we take you across the world, 7,749 miles to be exact to Nepal.

Exciting news in Nepal, we have had several Herbert the Hippopotamus sightings. We have our ear out for any additional sightings in the area as well as elsewhere in the globe. Should you encounter Herbert, or a Herbert sticker, shirt or otherwise, please contact us immediately!

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