Caffé Bene

We spend most of the week balancing school, work, and all the other stuff you guys know about. Once the weekend hits we focus 100% on finding our lost hippo, “Herbert” and all the other things going on behind the operations at Where’s My Hippo.


Usually, there are way too many distractions at the home base to get any sort of actual work done. Coffee houses on the other hand, are filled with other people, all allegedly trying to get some work done. So at least if you go there you can make yourself feel bad knowing others around you are hard at work.

Caffé Bene, caffe bene, cafe bene,

We were first invited to Caffé Bene a couple of weeks ago. This particular location (the 2nd location in Los Angeles, the first being here) is located in Downtown Los Angeles in Koreatown at the south east corner of Wilshire and Berendo.  There is a large parking lot offering validation for Caffé Bene customers, or you can stay the whole day for about $5 bucks, otherwise look for street parking.

Caffé Bene

When we first walked in here the first thing we noticed were the clean concrete lines matched with wooden tables and chairs, along with the high ceilings opening up to a second floor quiet study loft.  Caffé Bene on Wilshire has a very modern and industrial feel, complemented by ample seating, (maybe) enough outlets and everything else you could want in terms of food and beverages (including their delicious misugaru latte).  This might be the best misugaru (a coffee or tea substitute which consists of black sesame seeds, black bean, black and brown rice and barley) spot in all of Los Angeles.


We got here, and another thing we immediately noticed was Caffé Bene’s branding. Everything available was sporting the Caffé Bene logo. From the serving trays to the coffee and tea products available for sale. It was hard to conceive a local coffee shop being so committed to branding. That thought led to some additional research…

Caffé Bene is hardly a local coffee shop. Instead, Caffé Bene was founded in 2008, and within 4 years of being founded, over 750 Caffé Bene stores had opened in South Korea. By February of 2012, Caffé Bene made its landing in New York City, and then opened another location in Beijing, China a month later. We’re confident a Caffé Bene will be open near you soon.

If you need to get some work done, are craving Belgium waffles or have never tried misugaru, come here.

3287 Wilshire Blvd Suite B
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Mon-Fri 8 am – 12 am Sat-Sun 10 am – 12 am



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