BLENDS SD: New Location (Post-Fire)

BLENDS has a new address!

719 8th Ave San Diego, CA 92101
Metro? Park and Market Trolley Station


San Diego has it’s fair share of stores and streetwear boutiques.  But there is only one source for the latest sneakers in the area. Blends. This place has always stuck out to us because of their unique selection – only stocking the latest sneakers – and of course the friendly staff helping you getting laced up.


The original BLENDS SD location was a beautifully modern, minimalistic masterpiece, that unfortunately was overcome by a fire. The new location builds on that original location further, creating the perfect atmosphere to browse along the custom lit wood shelves, in this art gallery of a sneaker store.


Inside you’ll find the entire floor is what we like to call, “a BLENDS-styled zen rock garden” – with thousands of uniform stones. In the middle of the floorspace is a path of larger rocks that provides a pathway. (You could almost see Herbert’s paw prints in the rocks.)


It’s hard to imagine how they even completed this in 2 months, but they did. The attention to detail is something to be witnessed in person and serves up the sneakers like a painting in the Louvre.  Clean lines and a beautiful raw finish, contrast against the stone pebble floor throughout the store. It creates a one of a kind experience, as cliche as that sounds, we can’t mean it enough.


The new BLENDS SD location at 719 8th Avenue in San Diego, CA 92101 makes this portion of Downtown San Diego’s 8th Ave. a urban and streetwear lifestyle mecca. It would be hard to match finding the likes of 9Five, 5&A Dime, and Blends, all in a row anywhere else.

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