Contest Announcement

Contest entries for our photography contest will be accepted until March 10th, 2014 and a winner for the 1st contest will be announced on March 15th, 2014.  There will be a total of three (3) first place prizes awarded for the following categories:

1.  Los Angeles

2.  San Diego

3.  Wildcard City

You still have a little over a week to submit your photo and enter for your chance to you. For full details visit, or recap the original post here!

The photo below is a selection of five wildcard entries we have received…

Good luck!



We are having a contest. First things first, the prize…

We will be giving away a total of (3) Where’s My Hippo crewneck sweatshirts, seen here.  And a bunch of custom stickers with your art on them (keep reading)…
Click for large version
How to Play?

All you need to do is take a picture of your city and send it in to us!  We will collect all of the submissions, post them all in a blog post, and have our team of visual experts choose the best three!  Once we have picked the best three, we will print these shots and turn them into custom vinyl stickers! All winners will receive a handful of their stickers.

The categories for prizes are as follows:

1.  A photo of Los Angeles
2.  A photo of San Diego
3.  A wildcard city (any city, big or small)

Once you have taken your picture, all you need to do is upload it somewhere (we suggest,,

You then will copy and paste this link onto the form at the bottom of and push submit! Once we receive your photo we will send you a short confirmation email.

We have no rules, other than the photo must be one that you took at some point.

Deadline? Photos will be received on a rolling basis until March 1st we will then make an announcement letting everyone know they have 5 more days to submit their photos!

Also, if you want to put your Instagram screenname on your photo, or maybe your website, be our guest and include it. Finally, it would be a wise way to promote your own creativity!

To read more, or to submit a photo, please visit   Oh and thanks for playing, everyone is excited to see what you submit!

Carytown: Richmond, VA

We took the search for Herbert to Cary Street (also known as Cary Town) in Richmond, VA.  Check out the photos below (no Herbert sightings), and be sure to check back for our international post from our search for Herbert in Nepal!

richmond, virginia, hippies musicman poobear wall


A lot of changes near Shoup and Ventura, off the Shoup Ave., NB exit on the 101 freeway. Stickers and big Obey on a billboard above the California Chicken Cafe. Oh and a Herbert sighting as well!Shoup Ventura Woodland Hills Hippo Sticker Wheres My Hippo sticker art macorssticker sticker

Phone Skins

Finally, our iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S/5C (it is getting hard to keep up) wood, laser cut skins have arrived. Find them here.

  • Free screen protector included with cover
  • Slim profile to minimize bulk
  • Surface protection and enhanced grip
  • Easily removable and reusable
  • Peel and stick adhesive back
*Because we use real wood, the grain patterns will vary, making each skin unique

A little background..

The wood for each skin is hand selected, all sanding, finishing and packaging is completed in Lazerwood’s Seattle based studio.  All of the skins end up being unique, and as seen in the photos, these skins age beautifully over time. We have had our on our iPhone 4 for about 9 months now, and you see from the photo below, it has evolved and become a totally different piece of art to adorn the rear of your phone with from what it first looked like.  For a limited time, we are selling a few of these in our store, the remaining stock is being sold locally and also given as gifts. If you have any questions about these skins, just let us know.

Los Angeles

2013-05-03 13.17.42 copy 2013-05-03 15.09.27 copy 2013-05-03 16.14.59 los angeles, melrose, fairfax, west la, hollywood, stickers, street art, streetart, sticker artist, hippo sticker, wheresmyhippo where's my hippo, wheres my hippo?2013-05-03 16.48.50 2013-05-03 16.34.46


Dr. Chris Foster has a project, and its more interesting than Where’s My Hippo. It is called

Having said that, we’re lucky to be friends with the man who has traveled to every corner of the world on his motorcycle. Further, he’s brought Herbert along on many of those journeys. Our friendship is based on a mutual admiration for adventure and travel, which is a foundation of our search at Where’s My Hippo.

Anyways, look at this map, its about 1,050+ miles, ONE WAY.

wheres my hippo


“…had to take it within a military zone with no cameras allowed…finally two soldiers walked over and asked what we were doing…’nothing’.”


Do you see a Where’s My Hippo sticker?


Do you see a Where’s My Hippo sticker?

bikeoverview baja california where's my hippo wheresmyhippo mexico cabo san lucas drive san diego directions road trip bajacalifornia trippytee spikey puestomilitar flower bull

Early Summer Lookbook & Release

The things that we do inspire the things that we make. From the shirts, to the photos, to the videos and the blog posts, we try to bring a slice of our life into every part of Where’s My Hippo.

Enjoy the shots below and check out the new products available from our Early Summer release in the store.

The photos below were shot all around Los Angeles, some in the Venice Canals, others at several skate plazas in North Hollywood and East Los Angeles.

In terms of the shirts, they are simple and different from our previous designs. They are printed on Alternative Apparel as opposed to American Apparel, we wanted better quality and we wanted it to last through multiple wash cycles.

As usual, follow along on Instagram for more updates, and if you have any questions or comments, hit us up there as well.

Finally, be sure to check out the video we put together of our adventures through Los Angeles and San Diego in preparation of this release.



Venice Canals


blackandgrayrear blueandgraywalkigfront bridge lincoln skate park los angeles california skate plaza photos video footy wheres my hippo skateboarding skatepark
walkingawayblackandoatmeal yatesabdnax






Venice Beach, CA: 04/20/2013







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